Our Focus

In our initial survey, practitioner concerns were led by funding and financing and followed by lack of political, inter-agency and public support; lack of data collection and sharing; the need for innovation; and the need for projects such as green/complete streets to become standard practice to demonstrate performance, cost sharing, collaboration and enhanced quality of life.

In response to those challenges, respondents cited opportunities to build physical and virtual forums for sharing data, practices and lessons learned – along with the need to standardize the format of data and its collection; to re-brand and re-position GSI with effective, collaborative communications efforts; to support innovation and integrative design; to normalize and develop standards, guidance, policies and regulations; to cultivate effective partnerships and champions at the local and national level; to advance and stabilize the economic viability of GSI implementation and maintenance; and to increase access to high level education and training for practitioners and the private sector.

We are currently conducting a follow up survey that will provide a baseline assessment of the drivers, scale, range, approaches of GSI programs across the nation.  If you manage a GSI program, please see the survey here and please contact us with any questions.

We have also begun researching case making for green stormwater infrastructure, beginning with an overview of ecosystem services research and case-making precedents, within a framework that addresses the advocacy and data needs of green infrastructure program managers and their partners.  We are reviewing and appreciate any additional insights into:

  • Performance, cost and co-benefits / ecosystem services data (data on a per system or aggregated basis for various GSI system types
  • Approaches to evaluating solution alternatives
  • Approaches to persuasive communication about GSI
  • Implementation methodologies (the relative benefits of various approaches to GSI implementation)

We are conducting ongoing investigations into funding, financing and structuring approaches for green stormwater infrastructure programs to achieve scale, transparency, cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance