Opening Keynote – Andy Kricun, Howard Neukrug

Faster, Cheaper, Greener – Dominique Lueckenhoff

Breakouts: Funding
Costs and Benefits of GSI – Chris Crockett, Jessica Knickerbocker, Anne Spirn
Presentation 1: Chris Crockett
Presentation 2: Jessica Knickerbocker
Presentation 3: Anne Spirn

Breakouts: Planning, Policy and Design
Physical Planning and Project Identification – Jessica Brooks, Kristin Hathaway, Mami Hara, Wing Tam, Tim Toohey
Presentation 1: Jessica Brooks
Presentation 2: Kristin Hathaway
Presentation 3: Wing Tam
Presentation 4: Tim Toohey

Design Approaches – Tom Halliwell, Dwayne Myers, Tracy Tackett, Derick Tonning, Margot Walker
Presentation 1: Dwayne Myers
Presentation 2: Tracy Tackett
Presentation 3: Derick Tonning and Margot Walker
Presentation 4: Thomas Halliwell

Maintenance – Bethany Bezak, Gerald Bright, Marc Cammarata, Matthew Scharver, Peg Staeheli, Mary Wohleb

Breakouts: Outstanding Practices in Building Support, Stewardship and Ownership
Communications and Messaging – Joanne Dahme, Chris Trumbauer
Presentation 1: Joanne Dahme
Presentation 2: Chris Trumbauer

Breakouts: Geek Out!
Modeling, Monitoring and Measuring – Dustin Atchison, Jay Cruz, Mark Maimone, Wes Sydnor, Robert Traver
Presentation 1: Jay Cruz
Presentation 2: Robert Traver
Presentation 3: Dustin Atchison
Presentation 4: Wes Sydnor

Geotechnical Investigations – Dan O’Rourke
Presentation: Dan O’Rourke

Business Acceleration – Steve Barsh, David Gould, Mami Hara