Shop Talks

Several cities have expressed a desire to confer with other cities about specific questions in real time, on an ad hoc basis and on planned topics.

We will try to meet that need by experimenting with ‘Shop Talk’ calls — information sharing calls that provide opportunities to get to know one another, to talk shop, and to learn from each other.

The format will be one hour conference calls, open to staff of all cities and utilities with GSI programs. We may be able to invite experts in key topics, as requested by members.  This format is envisioned to be flexible and responsive to members’ needs and interests.

Possible approaches to topic selection include:

  • Problem solving sessions
  • Single policy issue discussions
  • Dissection of a funding approach or financing tool
  • Discussion on ‘who’s leading in which areas?’
  • Features on the work of cooperating public partners from partner agencies  – to help with cultivating advocates in our own cities
  • Review of certification programs
  • Member call for input to regulators
  • Partner or vendor vettings – experiences and lessons learned

So far, members of the Exchange’s Programs Committee have suggested requested the following topics for Shop Talks:

  • GSI Finance
  • Climate Change and GSI
  • Microclimate and GSI
  • Water Scarcity, Conservation and GSI
  • SWM and Separated Systems
  • GSI Monitoring Methods
  • Equity, Job Creation and GSI
  • Unit Cost Tracking
  • Private Land Owners / Homeowner’s Associations and GSI Maintenance
  • PowerCorps and GSI Maintenance

Please tell us if you have any ideas for Shop Talks, if there are any days of the week or month that don’t work for you, and if you’d like to join the Programs Committee or any other planning efforts for the Exchange.  Look forward to a Shop Talk schedule but for now, please join the first one, on PowerCorps and GSI Maintenance.