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Upcoming Conferences

November 6-9: Operation & Maintenance of Stormwater Control Measures Conference in Denver, CO This conference, put on by the Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI), will explore new advances, approaches, and lessons learned in the operation and maintenance of gray and green stormwater control infrastructure. Register for the upcoming conference here.

Save the Date for these 2018 Conferences 

May 7-8: WE&RF Research Conference in Atlanta, GA The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, in partnership with the Water Research Foundation, will hold its annual Research Conference with the theme of “Advancing Reuse & Integrated Water.” The Call for Abstracts for the conference is currently open through November 7. June 3-7: World Environment and Water Resources […]

Partnerships and Funding

WIFIA Program: The EPA will be hosting multiple information sessions and a webinar series to describe its Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program. View the full schedule here. NASA DEVELOP: This partnership program allows communities to use NASA’s observation technology to address their own environmental concerns, including water infrastructure. Read about NASA DEVELOP’s recent work with The Nature […]

EDF Releases Guide for Public Sector Infrastructure Needs 

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)  released a report entitled, “Unlocking Private Capital to Finance Sustainable Infrastructure.” The framework highlights four important areas for attracting private investment in sustainable infrastructure: Suitable investment models Standardized performance measurement Transparent risk management Facilitating effective stakeholder engagement

Upcoming Conferences

  Aug. 27-31: Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition in Bellevue, WA StormCon is holding its 16th annual conference to explore GSI solutions and a healthy bottom line. Register and view the event program here. Oct. 3-4: Growing Sustainable Communities in Dubuque, Iowa The Midwest’s largest sustainability conference will feature more than 30 workshops on a wide variety of sustainability […]

WE&RF Research Project Will Create New Cost Database for Stormwater Infrastructure 

WE&RF recently awarded a contract for a research project entitled “Community-Enabled Lifecycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Costs (CLASIC).” CLASIC will: Collect and analyze cost data on both green and gray infrastructure. Create a separate database to allow for detailed cost tracking. This new database can be linked to the International Stormwater BMP database. Click here to learn more about CLASIC.

Report Explores GSI’s Ecosystem Services and Implementation Strategies 

The UK’s Houses of Parliament published its “Urban Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services” report to identify the benefits that natural systems such as GSI provide to humans, such as: Urban temperature regulation Improved air quality Noise reduction The report also provides strategies jurisdictions use when making the case for green infrastructure, including the UN’s Sustainable ‘Development Goals […]

WRF’s Water Infrastructure Resiliency Project 

The Water Research Foundation recently began a new project entitled “Resilient Water Infrastructure: Improving Understanding and Assessing Needs,” with the intended outcomes of: Developing a common definition for “resilient infrastructure” Identifying existing resources, efforts, best practices, and partnerships to address water infrastructure resilience Pinpointing research needs that would provide guidance for water utilities Click here to learn more.

New EPA Resources Available 

Click here to register for the EPA’s Green Infrastructure Webcast Series. Search through the Water Finance Clearinghouse here, which provides lists of water infrastructure resources and funds currently available. Click here for a link to EPA’s new guide entitled “Green Infrastructure in Parks: A Guide to Collaboration, Funding, and Community Engagement.”