Month: August 2017

Collaborative Grant Program

On August 1st, the Exchange launched our Collaborative Grant Program to provide Exchange members with the resources necessary to share knowledge and work together to improve the speed, cost, or effectiveness of their GSI programs. Proposals are due by 3:00pm ET on Sept. 28th. To be eligible, projects should reflect at least one of the priority topics that were […]

GSI Field Scan Survey

In November 2016, the Exchange launched its Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Field Scan Survey and disseminated it to leaders from GSI programs across North America. The survey is the first of its kind in assessing the drivers, scope, and practices of GSI programs. As of August 2017, GSI implementers from 32 agencies had completed the […]

Collaborate on a Project!

Exchange user groups have been busy driving forward conversations on priority GSI topic areas. The user groups’ collaboration will result in webinars, new standards, and ongoing conversations on the following topic areas: Informational webinars on: Maintenance Innovations Public Health’s Connection to GSI Modeling & Monitoring Messaging & Branding Developing standardization of: GSI Co-Benefits Ongoing discussions on: […]

Recommendations for a Sustainable NYC

The National Resources Defense Council and NYU-Stern Center for Sustainable Business provided the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection with recommendations for growing a green, equitable, and sustainable community as they establish their new private property GSI grant program. 0

Los Angeles Releases Sustainability “pLAn”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s has announced a four-part sustainability “pLAn” which lists targets in the areas of local water & solar, energy-efficient buildings, carbon & climate leadership, and waste & landfills. This article goes into detail about the pLAn and its projected outcomes. 0

Upcoming Conferences

  Aug. 27-31: Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition in Bellevue, WA StormCon is holding its 16th annual conference to explore GSI solutions and a healthy bottom line. Register and view the event program here. Oct. 3-4: Growing Sustainable Communities in Dubuque, Iowa The Midwest’s largest sustainability conference will feature more than 30 workshops on a wide variety of sustainability […]