2018 – Washington, DC

Our 2018 Annual Meeting took place April 29th-May 2nd in Washington, DC. Over the course of the event, attendees met peers from across the country, delved into priority GSI issues together, toured DC’s GSI installations, and aligned around initiatives to break new ground in the field.

Key Documents:

The presentations from the Annual Meeting’s learning sessions are included below. Please note that some sessions’ PowerPoints have been condensed into one presentation, while others are included separately (and denoted with numbers).

4/30 Breakout 1: 

  1. Programs,Policies,Codes that Drive GSI Projects on Private Property – Full Group PowerPoint 
  2. GSI Design – (1) Szatko (Omaha), Bautista (DC DOEE), Brooks (PWD), Bezak (DC Water); (2) Wethington (Denver)
  3. Results of GSI Offsets and Trading Programs – (1) Brown (WEF, Storm and Stream Solutions); (2) Espie (DC DOEE); (3) Holland (TNC)
  4. GSI Messaging and Branding to External Audiences – (1) George (TNC); (2) Eckl (Water Words that Work); (3) McCrary (St. Louis MSD)

4/30 Breakout 2: 

  1. Alternate Project Delivery- (1) Colwell(SPU), Seltzer (DC DOEE), England (Boston), & Bezak (DC Water);   (2) Susan McCrary (STL)
  2. Lifecycle Costs of GSI – (1) Tyler Dell (Colorado State); (2) Matt Johnson (DC DOEE)
  3. GSI Certification Programs – (1) Renee Kayal (WEF) & Lisa Sasso (MMSD); (2) Beth Ginter (CBLPP)

5/1 Breakout 3: 

  1. GSI Modeling and Monitoring – (1) DC DOEE & LimnoTech; (2) Rajan (PWD)
  2. Measuring & Monetizing Co-Benefits of GSI – (1) Zhang (WRF); (2) Clements (Corona); (3) Ozbenian (NRPA); (4) Nowak (US Forest Service)
  3. Engagement with Construction/ Contractors – Full Group PowerPoint

5/1 Breakout 4:

  1. Lessons Learned in GSI Maintenance – (1) Andy Szatko (City of Omaha); (2) Michele Juon (City of Portland)
  2. Permeable Pavement Materials Engineering – (1) Pike (DC DOT); (2) Winston (OSU); (3) Knickerbocker (Tacoma)
  3. Equity and Inclusion – (1) Hara (SPU), Sasso (MMSD), Henning (City of New Haven); (2) Antrup (New Orleans)

5/1 State of the Network – Full PowerPoint

Please see below resources shared by the US EPA and FEMA, who presented during the GSI Federal Funding Opportunities Session.

From the US EPA:

From FEMA:

A few additional resources from the Messaging & Branding breakout session are attached below. The TNC Conservation in Cities Field Guide is available here: https://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/urgentissues/nature-in-cities/cities-network/field-guide-for-conservation-in-cities.xml. All resources courtesy of Dharma George from The Nature Conservancy.

The Design Standards Comparison table from the GSI Design Breakout is available here.


Click here to view the (mostly silly) photos we took at the Annual Meeting!

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