Focus Areas

2019 Exchange Priorities

Equity – Integrating equity considerations into the full value chain of GSI.

Workforce Development – Cross-training and connecting training to jobs, building workforce requirements into contract language, sharing knowledge on effective use of partnerships, defining success, and connecting GSI to the water industry.

Asset Management – Comparing approaches and prioritizing asset maintenance based on risk.

Details & Specifications – Developing a library of cost-effective designs and lessons learned.

Maintenance – Using smart technology to identify maintenance needs, understanding costs, comparing service delivery models, engaging volunteers, and comparing maintenance standards.

Performance Contracts – Defining performance metrics and working with lowest- bid requirements.

Training – Sharing existing resources for technical and leadership/change management and addressing gaps.

Trees & GSI – Comparing designs and lessons learned, understanding benefits and co-benefits, aligning stormwater trees with urban forestry, and evaluating proprietary technology.