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Tucson Posts Maintenance Tutorial

The city of Tucson recently published a Green Infrastructure Maintenance Guidance video to instruct maintenance crews on the proper techniques and plant knowledge necessary to keep up with their recent GI installations. Watch the video to get ideas for your city here. 0

Highlights of Members’ Website Participation

Thank you to our members who have already begun utilizing our website for productive collaboration! Follow these links to view examples from Karen Sands, Erin Franks, and Avery Livengood of the type of questions, comments, and information sharing we want to facilitate within the Exchange and to begin connecting with your network of peers. 0

PWD Revitalizes Elementary Schoolyard

Philadelphia’s Adaire Elementary School is set to receive a new, environmentally friendly schoolyard thanks to a partnership among the Philadelphia Water Dept, the School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and a local volunteer group and nonprofit. The project is a success story in the green infrastructure field for building new GSI approaches and implementing new policies. Read more about the school’s new […]

New Orleans GSI After Katrina 

Read this article to learn about the hard work and successful GSI installations of our New Orleans members. Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the city has pushed to implement various GSI projects to protect itself against future threats of extreme weather and climate change. 0

DC Water Social Impact Bond

The DC Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) issued the nation’s first Environmental Impact Bond (EIB) to fund the initial green infrastructure initiative in its DC Clean Rivers Project. This is a $2.6 billion program to control stormwater runoff and improve the District’s water quality, creating a healthier future for District residents.  This deal offers a […]

William Penn Foundation commits $100 million to Philadelphia neighborhoods through Rebuild

The William Penn Foundation has announced its intent to commit up to $100 million for the Rebuilding Community Infrastructure Initiative in Philadelphia.  The Foundation’s grant marks the initiative’s largest private investment to date and the largest single grant in Foundation history. This initiative will leverage investments from the Philadelphia Water Department in green stormwater infrastructure. 0

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Green Bonds – A First

This May, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) became the first issuer of a green bond certified under the Water Climate Bonds Standard.  The Climate Bonds Standard lays out criteria for bonds labeled “green” and designated for funding water-related, low carbon initiatives. Proceeds from the $240 million Wastewater Revenue Bond will support sustainable stormwater management and […]