The City of Memphis is currently pursuing an Environmental Impact Bond to support equity-driven and outcomes-based green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). A Request for Qualifications notice is currently open for creative firms seeking to design these projects and particularly the Beltline Green Infrastructure Project,  a central project for which the notice was released on February 4th. 

This project originates from a collaborative effort, synthesizing recommendations from the City of Memphis’ Division of Engineering’s Drainage Studies, the Division of Planning and Development’s Regional Resilience Master Plan, the Memphis Area Climate Action Plan, and Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan. The project seeks to develop an innovative stormwater management approach integrating green infrastructure while demonstrating the socioeconomic co-benefits of these types of efforts. This project suite will emphasize the City’s commitment to and investment in equitable innovative solutions to stormwater management and improvements to neighborhoods that meaningfully impact residents and the City overall. 

The project is partially funded by Stormwater Revenue Bonds and will secure the remainder of the funding needed through the City’s first offering of an Environmental Impact Bond (EIB) – a municipal bond that requires a projection of the expected outcomes. The EIB is intended to support sustainable and green stormwater infrastructure, while measuring multiple co-benefits to mitigate flood risks and provide broader neighborhood improvements. 

You can see more details about this project here and a full list of projects under this project suite here.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.