The EPA is planning to host a series of stormwater capture and use webinars linked to their recently released Water Reuse Action Plan and invite municipal leaders who wish to have their agency’s efforts featured in these webinars to consider being presenters. Among the top webinar topics under consideration are the following:

-Do We Know the Right Stormwater Capture Treatment Standards? Target timeframe: January 2021
-What is Our National Stormwater Capture Potential? – Target timeframe: December 2020
-Stormwater Capture Project Showcase – Target timeframe: January or February 2021

Additional promising ideas, including 1) making the case for stormwater capture projects, 2) a stormwater capture technology review, 3) securing stormwater capture funding, and 4) centralized vs onsite stormwater capture, are also being entertained. 

Please reach out to Paula Conolly (paula@giexchange.org) for additional details.

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