Equity Guide for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Practitioners

The Equity Guide for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Practitioners is a comprehensive guide to advancing and measuring equity within public sector stormwater management organizations’ green stormwater infrastructure policies, programs, and projects. It offers an action and evaluation roadmap that defines: 1) our industry’s shared long-term equity goals, 2) best practices that will move the needle, and 3) sample metrics that help track progress toward those goals over time. It also offers a variety of tools to support practitioners in customizing community-informed Equity Work Plans and Evaluation Plans to local contexts.

The guide is a resource developed by and for green infrastructure program managers representing local public sector stormwater management organizations across the United States and Canada. The project was managed by members of the Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange and the lead author was GreenPrint Partners.

Additional Resources

Use the links below to access and download the additional resources referenced in the Equity Guide.

Exchange Equity Statement of Purpose

State of Equity Report

Literature Review + Interview Insights

Impact Metrics Spreadsheet

Choosing Goals Self-Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should we contact for more information about the Guide? 

All inquiries may be directed to Barbara Hopkins, Director of the Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange at barbara@giexchange.org


What if we need assistance applying the Guide’s contents? 

Please inform Barbara Hopkins of desired trainings, workshops, resources, etc. associated with the Guide. It is possible that additional support resources can be made available through the Exchange. If you’d like to schedule a call with Greenprint Partners, the Guide’s lead author, for individual trainings, workshops, or consulting, contact Rose Jordan at rose@greenprintpartners.com.


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