The Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange, in partnership with The Atlas, is launching the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Trailblazers Campaign, an exciting new awards campaign pilot to promote innovative GSI approaches by Exchange members that generate valuable lessons and models for others in the field. It’s also an opportunity to recognize Exchange members who pioneer these breakthroughs for their trailblazing work. The GSI Trailblazers Campaign aims to: 

  1. Gather case studies promoting innovation to advance best practices in GSI
  2. Spotlight and recognize Exchange members who are trailblazing and pioneering innovative solutions 
  3. Inform and further the work of other Exchange members and beyond
  4. Encourage the utilization of resources and tools specifically produced by the Exchange

All Exchange members are encouraged to submit a case study for this pilot campaign! Here’s why:

  1. You’ll help further innovation and best practices in GSI 
  2. You’ll help other members move the ball forward in their work more effectively
  3. You’ll draw attention to the great work going on in your local government

A first, second, and third place winner will be selected from the submissions, as well as up to two honorable mentions, depending on the quantity of case studies submitted. The winners will:

  1. Receive recognition at the Exchange’s 2021 Annual Meeting in May
  2. Have a special award banner displayed on their case study and a digital award seal provided for use on their social media channels
  3. Get a plaque to display at their office
  4. Be promoted on the Exchange website and via social media 
  5. (First place winner) Receive a $500 donation to an allied community-based or watershed organization of their choice
  6. Have the option of being featured in a TED-talk style video

All case studies must be submitted to The Atlas and then subsequently to the Exchange for consideration. Please see detailed submission instructions here

You can submit any case study that exemplifies leadership in equity or promoting / institutionalizing equity practices in the pursuit of GSI within your community over the past year.
Special consideration will be given to projects that are showing measurable progress towards specific racial or social equity goals.

The deadline for submitting a case study in this pilot campaign is 11:59pm PT on April 23rd, 2021. The winners will be selected the last week in April by a selection committee composed of Exchange peers and staff.

If you’re unsure whether your case study meets the criteria or if you need support with preparing your submission, please reach out to Anna Radev (anna@giexchange.org). 


Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.