GSI Field Scan Survey

In November 2016, the Exchange launched its Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Field Scan Survey and disseminated it to leaders from GSI programs across North America. The survey is the first of its kind in assessing the drivers, scope, and practices of GSI programs. As of August 2017, GSI implementers from 32 agencies had completed the survey with information regarding their respective programs. The majority of responses came from Exchange member agencies and reflected the position that our members hold as early adopters and pioneers within the GSI field. We’ve summarized and analyzed the survey results and provided five key takeaways below.

  • The top drivers that applied to respondents’ GSI programs were regulatory requirements, urban design benefits, surface flooding, and best practices, with the overwhelming majority reporting that a regulatory requirement is their program’s most important driver.
  • When asked for the amount that their program had spent to date on GSI, the majority of survey respondents (42% overall) selected the highest option provided, over $20 million.
  • Capital programs and grants from public sources were the two most common forms of funding that agencies reported.
  • Thirty-eight percent of respondents reported that their program had been implementing GSI for over 10 years and 69% reported having been implementing it for at least five years.
  • Opportunities for assistance from the Exchange network were ranked with the following opportunities receiving the highest priority:
    • Creating a GSI sharing system/platform
    • Supporting innovation/adaptability/integrative design
    • Assessing and promoting triple bottom line benefits/rebranding GSI

The full summary is available here.