The Exchange held its second annual Midyear Convening on Nov 30th-Dec 2nd. This Convening provides our network with an opportunity to touch base on what’s going on across the network, share resources, explore opportunities to learn and collaborate, and get input from our members on priority topics.

Below are recaps of our three main sessions. Exchange members can email Kasey ( for session recordings and/or presentations.

Session 1: Midyear Updates: Peer Learning & Collaboration Across the Network (and How to Get Involved!)

Peer Learning Descriptions

In this session, we provided an overview of the current focus areas and “juicy questions” being explored in our Learning Circles. We also spent time in breakout rooms with a “meet your peers” activity, and heard from our Learning Circle co-chairs on why new members would benefit from participating in specific groups. Staff provided an overview of the current and recent project work being conducted by members as well as by staff and partners.

Session 2: Learn About the GSI FAQ

GSI FAQ Purpose Statement

The newly released GSI FAQ includes talking points, data, and case studies to support proactive and productive conversations with leadership and colleagues related to the adoption of GSI. In this session, we walked through this resource and explored how members can make the most use of it. Additionally, we heard from members both what their biggest needs and challenges are in communicating about GSI. Members also generated ideas for ways in which they can utilize this new tool including pulling data that informs “sticky” issues, using this to explain the different benefits of various GI systems, and using it as a reference for various communication needs across departments.

Session 3: Brainstorming Leadership Development in the Exchange

Personal reflection questions

This session continued an ongoing discussion about how the Exchange can support members in developing their leadership skills to address obstacles being faced across the field. In this session, we engaged in reflection and broke out into small group discussions to further explore members’ needs and interests related to leadership development and ideas for how to best utilize newly acquired funding to develop leadership programming in the Exchange. Members spoke to common themes around the need to be able to provide clear messaging and to “make the case” for GSI, as well as the need to effectively build trust and collaborate within their teams, among other things. Exchange members can email Alison ( if you are interested in staying involved in this discussion moving forward.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.