A month of learning circles has come and gone as we get going into the fall season. Below is summary of what has been happening and what is coming up next month. Exchange members are welcome to drop in on any Learning Circles. The Community Calendar is the best place to find Zoom links and dates (use your member login to access the calendar and meeting links). If you’d like to be added to a specific Learning Circles email roster and calendar for regular updates, contact Veronica (veronica@giexchange.org).

Mid Year Learning Circle Mixer Update: We are closer to having a schedule ready for the late October gathering. We have scaled back to two dates of programing. The times to save on your calendars are these and more information coming in early October:

  • Monday October 30, 10:00 to 12:00pm pacific (1:00pm to 4:00pm eastern)
  • Tuesday October 31, 10:30am to 1:00pm pacific (1:30pm to 4:00pm eastern)

Call for YOUR GSI Programs, Pictures and Videos!: If you have a GSI program, site or short video you would like feature in a blog post, let us know. We are happy to feature you in an upcoming post! I will be at the Canadian Water Resources Association BC Branch Conference the first week of October to represent the Exchange, attend our Vancouver member’s presentation and visit local GSI sites. In a future post, I will report back on the conference and GSI sites throughout Vancouver!

Asset Management: In October, Raleigh will provide an update on how they continues to advance GSI. In September, we held a group discussion using these discussion prompts (1) what mechanisms hold contractors liable (e.g., security/hold backs) and how effective are they, (2) what mechanisms ensure plants reach maturity (e.g., warranty period, capitalized establishment cost for operations and maintenance, etc.), and (3) how does your agency verify that the asset was constructed per design/as-builts (e.g.. inspection protocol, performance verification)?

Book Group: This month we started Charleston: Race, Water, and the Coming Storm by Susan Crawford (2023). For October, the discussions will cover through chapter 7. Members of the group do not have to have ready everything to participate. We will finish the book in November.

Innovations in Design: In September, there was be a presentation on outlet and right of way projects in Portland, Oregon. And in October, Portland will be back to continue and share on inlet projects.

Innovations in Funding & Financing: In October, Washington, DC will present on financing GI through their DC Green Bank.

Leadership: In September, we discussed the 16 Personalities results to consider how well the results connect and also how the results relate leadership. Over the next three months we will be use this Leadership Self-Assessment and the topical areas from the self-assessment: (1) Understands Leadership, (2) Is Self Aware, (3) Practices Ethical Behavior, (4) Sustains Leadership, (5) Values Diversity, (6) Enhances Communication Skills, (7) Manages Conflict, (8) Develops Teams, and (9) Commits to Serving Others. Each month we will cover about three of the topics.

New Member: In September, new members dropped in to get an overview of the Exchange and Learning Circle programs. We meet every other month and in November a few senior members of the Exchange will drop in to share their experience in GSI and how to make the most of being a member of the Exchange

Maximizing GSI Performance: In September, we will discussed data that was collected by learning circle members that included stormwater flow, water quality, infiltration, and plant health. In October, Vancouver will present on soil health.

Placing Equity at the Center: In September, three members (Boulder County, CO; Grand Rapids, MI; and Washington, DC) presented on their equity work in practice. In October a couple more members will present on their work including Philadelphia, PA and Tucson, AZ.

Planning & Resilience: In September, we discussed the Exchange’s Climate Resilience Resources Guide: Part 1. In October, a couple cities will present on their organizational structures at different levels and scales (e.g., context, demographics, geographies, small and large institutional frameworks), which will be connected to how GSI is planned and implemented.


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