Member Spotlight

Irene Ogata, PLA, ASLA, AzAPA

Urban Landscape Manager
City of Tucson, Tucson Water (Public Information and Conservation Office), and much appreciated Exchange Programs Committee Member“Water is the number one way we take care of our public landscape,” says Irene Ogata, Tucson Water’s Urban Landscape Manager. Irene is involved in city-wide landscape issues and policies involving public facilities and public health and wellness.”As a member of Tucson Water’s Public Information and Conservation Office team, my primary role is to help develop policies related to increasing use of rainwater and stormwater and educate the public about efficiently collecting and using it on plants to grow a healthy urban forest,” notes Irene.Many of the policies Irene has championed touch on improving community livability as it impacts human and environmental health; including policies and programs mitigating urban heat islands, addressing water resources in relationship to stormwater harvesting/green infrastructure/low impact development; the nexus between water and energy and issues of climate change and social and environmental justice.Irene’s 20+ years of experience and knowledge of City departments has made her a tireless advocate for working inter-departmentally, mainly with Departments of Transportation, Water, Parks, Environmental Services and the City Manager’s office; along with non-profit organizations that work towards healthy community-building.We look forward to highlighting the backgrounds, perspectives, and achievements of members!  Please share any news and stories about yourself and your work.