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The Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange (“the Exchange”) is a highly connected peer learning network that offers a platform for practitioners to share experiences, circulate ideas, and solve problems together toward finding more sustainable water infrastructure solutions. Member organizations include utilities, municipalities, cities and counties who are implementing infrastructure at scale. Individual members are typically managers of their organization’s GSI program who have committed to GSI as a strategy for community resilience and equally committed to sharing their knowledge with peers.

Our application process is intended to identify your interests and determine if the Exchange is a good fit to meet your needs. Applicants are required to answer every question. If any fields are left blank, you will not be able to submit your application. Therefore, if for any reason a question is not applicable to you or your organization, please put in “NA”. Once your application is approved, your responses will be used to auto-populate your Individual and Organizational profile pages and additional details on how to access and update these pages will be sent to the email you provide below.

NOTE: Please be aware that if you become a member, the information you provide below may be shared with other members of the Exchange network to help all members learn about each other’s interests and experiences.

Filling out the application form should take no longer than half an hour. If you have any questions about this application or the Exchange network, please contact Jasmine Harrison at jasmine@giexchange.org.

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The following questions address whether you and your organization meet the eligibility requirements for Exchange membership. If you answer “no” to any of these questions or do not have adequate information to share, we will contact you to discuss your responses before processing your application.

Are you a program manager or a lead implementer of green stormwater infrastructure at your organization? Yes

Are you a staff member of your organization (versus an outside consultant, etc)? Yes

Is your organization responsible for implementing green stormwater infrastructure for your jurisdiction? Yes

Has your jurisdiction met at least 2 of the below criteria?
  • Adopted a community-wide goal of managing stormwater using green infrastructure
  • Adopted performance targets for green stormwater infrastructure by volume, by capture, by pollutant reduction, and/or by social goal
  • Developed a community-wide plan for achieving the city’s green stormwater infrastructure goals

If you answered "yes," please describe or include a URL link below for all applicable criteria your jurisdiction has met.

Participation Requirements

The Exchange is a peer learning network. In order to maintain the overall health of the network, all members must commit to active participation.

Minimum participation requirements are:

  • Attend the Annual Meeting (typically in May of each year)
  • Respond to our annual member survey and other information requests as they arise (typically 2-3 per year)
  • Be responsive and engaged via email and on our website’s discussion forums
  • Participate in at least one Exchange committee, working group, and/or Exchange Collaboration Grant project each year
Do you commit to actively learn from, assist, and collaborate with peers and regularly contribute time and effort to the Exchange as described above? Yes

Do you accept that you can involve other staff from your organization to participate in the activities of the Exchange network, but you cannot substitute their participation for your own commitment of time and efforts to the Exchange? Yes

Do you accept that all information shared with you or other staff in discussions and posts is private, absent a public records request, unless you get permission from the provider of the information to share it beyond the Exchange? Yes

Peer Learning

What are your specific priorities for learning when it comes to the Exchange? Please describe.

Which of these are you able to contribute experience or expertise on to share with others in the network? You can select multiple options.

Which of these are you interested in learning about from others in the network? You can select multiple options.

The GI Exchange is a network of North American cities committed to green stormwater infrastructure implementation and standardization. Innovation and experimentation are essential characteristics for leaders who are developing innovative solutions and pathways to green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) delivery. Please describe up to three policies, programs, projects, and/or approaches your organization has taken that were experimental and/or innovative in pursuit of green stormwater infrastructure implementation.

What best practices, learnings, resources and/or models does your program have to contribute to other GI Exchange members or the GI Exchange as a whole? Please provide URL links to any related materials that can be shared with Exchange members. If the documents are not available online, please email them to GI Exchange director Barbara Hopkins at barbara@giexchange.org and note whether or not they are public.

I am most interested in connecting to other Exchange members:

Additional Information

The questions below collect information about your organization that will help us enhance your ability to participate and network with other Exchange members.

What population size does your organization serve?

What funding does your organization use to pay for green infrastructure? Check all that apply:

Other Funding

Does your organization have a Consent Decree or Other Administrative Order?

Other Decree or Order

What incentives do you offer private property owners? Check all that apply or leave blank if not applicable.

Other Private Property

On the scale of 1-5 below, where do you see your current GSI program?

Where is the majority of your green infrastructure built?

How do you maintain your GSI? (check all that apply)

Other Maintain GSI


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