New Resources on GSI Modeling and Monitoring Available for Practitioners!

Led by the City of San Francisco and Lotus Water, the Exchange has completed two important guides for green infrastructure practitioners. A recording of a recent webinar about the guides is available here, and the powerpoint slides are located here.

Evaluation and Recommendations for Green Infrastructure Modeling Standards (June 2018) recommends default GSI parameters for modeling bio-retention with the SWMM engine and evaluates model-predicted GSI performance in various regions of the country. Recommended Monitoring Practices for Green Infrastructure (June 2018) includes an evaluation of existing monitoring methods, equipment, and deployment strategies for ease of implementation, cost-effectiveness, applicability, and performance. This guide also compares monitoring data to the model‐predicted bio-retention performance from the first document to evaluate how accurately GSI modeling reflects actual measured performance. This project was funded through the Exchange Collaboration Grant. Collaborating members include New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, King County, DC Department of Energy & the Environment, and Vancouver.


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