A small group of Exchange members working on private property issues are preparing a Collaborative Grant Proposal to put together a “GI Program Roadmap” – a higher level, step-by-step framework/guide for developing a GI program for detached low density residential neighborhoods (e.g. “single family”).

Although in the early days of scoping, this guide would ideally include reference to key topics in the project lifecycle, such as:

  • Design approval
  • Construction/installation
  • Operations/maintenance, and
  • Performance monitoring, reporting, enforcement

…ideally, the Guide would also consider:

  • Objectives and preliminary target setting
  • Legal considerations
  • Application of an equity lens
  • Supplemental examples of (and key findings and lessons learned) select case studies

To advance the project, the group first wants to better understand any current examples of similar guides and applicable case studies. To that end, they are asking Exchange Members for information and resources to guide the scoping of this proposal and ensure they are considering any work that has already been done to avoid duplicating efforts. Specific contributions of interest might be:

  • Reviews of other jurisdictions’ private property programming
  • Background work on styles and formats for private property programming
  • Best practice reviews on private property programming
  • Consultant reports analyzing or recommending private property programming
  • Successes and failures in initiating private property programming
  • Suitable case studies of residential private property programming
  • Reviews of analogous types of programming (energy retrofits, backwater valves etc.) on private property

If you know of research or work that could inform these types of topics, your contribution would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a note, anecdote or point in the right direction. Please send any reports, examples, or notes to Simon Greenland-Smith (City of Ottawa) at simon.greenland-smith@ottawa.ca and Gord Tycho (City of Vancouver) at Gord.Tycho@vancouver.ca.


Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.