Congratulations to the grant awardees from the first round of the Exchange’s Collaborative Grant Program!  The Exchange awarded $85,000 in total to fund three selected collaborations. Award decisions were made by a selection committee made up of volunteer members from the Exchange Planning Committee and Exchange staff and announced on Oct.17th.

The grant program is designed to support collaborations among cities/utilities seeking to work together to solve common green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) problems. Each awarded project reflects the collaboration of at least three Exchange member cities and a well-thought-out plan for disseminating the lessons learned to the rest of the Exchange network.

First-Round Lead Cities and Collaborations:

  • Tucson, AZ: A convening to strengthen the collaboration between GSI leaders and community public health organizations by developing common language, metrics, and inter-departmental connections.
  • San Francisco, CA: A collaborative report of distilled recommendations for building cost-effective GSI Modeling and Monitoring programs, with the goal of advancing national standardization.
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada: A Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse peer-learning exchange that explores how member cities can implement rainwater harvest and reuse initiatives at the district-scale, while focusing on building the capacity of member cities to foster water sensitive design.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.