Bethany Bezak

Professional Engineer
DC Water, DC Clean Rivers Project, and much appreciated Exchange Planning Committee Member

As a Green Infrastructure Manager for DC Water, Bethany Bezak plays a crucial role in GI implementation throughout Washington DC. She works on the the DC Clean Rivers Project, a $2.6 billion consent decree program to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows to the District’s waterbodies: the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and Rock Creek.

“Seeing a program through all phases of development and implementation is important to me and also for the success of GI,” Bethany explained. Her commitment to all phases of implementation is necessary for the Clean Rivers Project, as she is responsible for the planning and siting, engineering design, and construction oversights of GI projects, along with managing contract schedules and budgets.

Despite her busy schedule, Bethany remains active in the Exchange’s network, serving as a Planning Committee Member and presenting her work to her peers at the recent Annual Convening.

“The Exchange is an opportunity for our network to solve current challenges with implementation and to further enhance the benefits of GI beyond what our industry has achieved in the past 10-15 years,” she stated.

DC Water, whose services include treating and operating the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment plant with an average daily capacity of 384 mpg and a peak daily capacity of over 1 billion gallons, is currently in the midst of implementing its first large-scale GI project under the amended consent decree.

In addition to serving as the basis for evaluating the practicability of the amended decree in DC, this project will require the contractor to utilize certified individuals from the National Green Infrastructure Certification.

Bethany is ready to take on the responsibilities that come with DC Water’s latest project. As she said, “I appreciate the opportunity to develop a long-term vision for a program that will have a positive impact on the environment and the community for generations.”

Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.