Sarah Bloom

Watershed Planner; Client/Operations Representative & Technical Expert for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Capital Green Infrastructure Projects, and much appreciated Exchange Member and Planning Committee Member

Sarah Bloom is part of a historic time for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The utility has launched a 20-yr Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) to upgrade the city’s aging sewer system.

“It’s an exciting time to be here because San Francisco and the Bay Area are committing to building green infrastructure,” Sarah said. Phase I of the SSIP is SFPUC’s first time implementing large-scale green infrastructure projects in the public realm, Sarah has enjoyed getting to work with other city departments, including her favorite partnership, the San Francisco Unified School District.

Her proudest achievement to date has been seeing SFPUC’s  Holloway Green Street Project through from the early design phase all the way to their recent ribbon-cutting ceremony- a trend she plans to continue as SFPUC prepares to begin the second phase of its improvement program.

In addition to her strong leadership within SFPUC, Sarah has remained very active in the Exchange network, serving on the Planning Committee and, most recently, taking the lead on the Exchange Collaborative Grant Program project that will work to create distilled recommendations for GSI Modeling and Monitoring best practices. She says her involvement in the Exchange has been mutually beneficial for her work with SFPUC.

“Whenever I have a question, I call up my contacts from the Exchange. Their wealth of knowledge has helped me to push [SFPUC’s] new programs forward,” she explained. Moving forward, she believes collaboration through the Exchange network can serve an even broader purpose: making GSI a more mainstream and standardized practice across the nation. As Sarah said:

“We need to be always pushing for standardization.”

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