GI Library

The GI Library contains resources contributed by Exchange members and partners.  The library interface allows users to access and consider use of seven different categories of resources including: (1) Case Studies & Projects,  (2) Details and Specifications, (3) Policies, (4) Decision Tools & Guidance, (5) Research & Assessment, (6) Education & Outreach and a (7) Photo Library.  The overarching goals are to:


  • Save time and money on program, project, facility and detail design;
  • Facilitate the “benchmarking” of policies, strategies and approaches; and
  • Provide easy access to the latest decision tools, research and assessments.


We welcome new users and ask that you agree to these guidelines before submitting the form below:

  • Commit to uploading at least one relevant resource each year.
  • Upload items focused on application/implementation/case studies/lessons learned (but not advertisements for technology/products).
  • Seek appropriate permissions to upload resources that were commissioned by external organizations or that contain any copyright restrictions.
  • Credit resources creators when using any library resources.
  • Share the library with colleagues.

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Please direct questions or concerns to Tasha Cruz, Program Manager, at


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