We recently caught up with our new member, Kevin Meindl from Chemung County, New York. He is currently the Commissioner of Planning, Director of the Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council (ECTC). In our brief discussion we discussed what brought Kevin to bring Chemung to the Exchange and what he hopes to gain from this renewed membership.

Kevin Meindl was a former member of the Exchange when he was with the Buffalo Sewer Authority in New York. Because of his previous experience with the Exchange, he knew it would be important for Chemung to become a new member. In his new role at Chemung, he hopes to make positive changes for the Planning Department at Chemung County by bringing them in as a new Exchange member. 

His idea is to utilize funding for infrastructure projects throughout the community. The Planning Department leads strategic planning and technical research for Chemung County. Its mission is to support local communities, strengthen the economic vitality of the County, protect natural resources, and enhance the quality of life for all. Kevin understands how Chemung County can benefit from the  peer network here at the Exchange.

Kevin previously worked as a landscaper and found inspiration whenever he went camping outside of the city. It instilled interest in various natural/landscape systems. Kevin studied landscape architecture and gained an appreciation for the value of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). Kevin went  on to discuss the goal of unification and improving the city by having practical utilities. He  sees an opportunity to revitalize communities where a neighborhood can be using funding in creative ways. Kevin sees membership in the Exchange as a way of helping to share resources about the value of green stormwater infrastructure with colleagues and constituents so as to build a strong GSI program. He alluded to having success doing this very thing when he worked in Buffalo.

Kevin hopes to raise awareness and educate his legislators. He wants to be able to implement what he learns in order to help communities with the greatest needs.  We look forward to working with Kevin and we give him a warm welcome!


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Towson, MD 21285