In 2022, the Exchange plans to work with partners to develop an inaugural ‘National State of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Report’. This report will aim to create a shared vision for future investments needed to accelerate equitable implementation of GSI. The report will tell a data-informed story about the national state of GSI including the pace and direction of implementation progress. It will identify current barriers and information gaps to further scaling, and will recommend where to focus future efforts to accelerate progress. It will offer a set of high-level metrics to better measure such progress.

This ‘State of Equity Practice in Public Sector GSI Report’ will be incorporated within the full report. It also stands on its own, telling the equity part of the story from the perspective of those public sector entities primarily responsible for managing stormwater. Drawing mainly from a comprehensive survey issued to capture equity-focused experiences, it is an attempt to develop a national baseline understanding of the extent to which equity considerations are being centered within GSI planning, implementation and monitoring and are contributing towards achieving the equity objectives of communities. Future editions of this report will include additional data that informs a collective understanding of the extent to which this is playing out in different parts of the country.

The voices of communities are absent in this baseline report. The degree to which communities would agree with how public entities have self-evaluated on different GSI equity elements would enrich this report significantly, and is a critical element that will be built into the full ‘State of GSI Report’ 2022 report. In the meantime, this report aims to serve as a solid foundation from which to start or continue those critical conversations between communities and the public sector needed to ensure that GSI efforts realize their full potential to deliver water quality and quantity outcomes, but also the promise of other critical co-benefits.

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