Takeaways from the Network Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed our 2017 Network Survey! Seventy percent of Exchange members responded to the survey, which is a true testament to the dedication and reliability of our member base. Your thoughtful answers allowed us to assess the connectivity and impact of our network, and we’ll use this knowledge to strengthen the Exchange moving forward.

Key findings:

  • Participating member cities/utilities reported a combined total of 5,400 completed GSI projects, 4,000 planned GSI projects, and 1,650 GSI projects underway
  • 94% of members reported receiving high or some value from the Annual Meeting, with 76% reporting the same about the website and 71% about our user groups
  • 90% of members reported connecting with at least one new partner as a result of the Exchange and 63% have adopted at least one new best practice
  • Our network has a connection density of 10%. This represents the percentage of connections that exist among members out of a total possible.

We can use this data to:

  • Support members who are less connected by helping them better understand who is doing what
  • Leverage relationships of well-connected members to support Exchange communication
  • Serve as a baseline against which to measure future improvements
  • Strategize around how to improve the programs and initiatives where members reported less value and progress

View the full survey results here!