Each year, we circulate a network-wide survey to poll our members about various aspects of the network’s work plus the value they receive from different activities and features, as well as from participation in the network overall. The survey is used to compare the network’s performance year to year and help Exchange staff stay on top of our member’s evolving needs as we strive to serve them better. Each year, we also survey members who attend our Annual Meeting separately about the meeting’s structure and impact. 

Last month, we circulated both the 2020 Annual Survey and the 2021 Annual Meeting evaluation to our members. The results are in! 



62 members representing 47 member organizations contributed feedback in the Annual Survey. Key highlights follow bellow: 

Participating in the network has helped members…

-Gain valuable knowledge and resources: 94%
-Develop leadership skills for working within their organization: 89%
-Develop leadership skills for working within their community: 82%
-Increase the quality of their project implementation: 82%
-Solve an important problem faced in their program: 74%
-Make progress on addressing equity within their organization: 69%
-Make progress on addressing equity within their community: 68%

-90% of members made at least 1 NEW CONNECTION this past year and 10% made more than 10 new connections.

-55% of members COLLABORATED with at least 1 and up to 10 other members outside Exchange programs this year.

The network activities that provide the highest value to members comparatively are:
-Workgroup participation: 81%
-Annual Meeting: 81%



47 members who attended our virtual 2021 Annual Meeting provided feedback on the format, programming, virtual platform used, and overall value of the convening. Some key highlights are below: 

Number of members who strongly agree or agree that:
-The Annual Meeting was well worth their time: 98%
-They gained awareness of new resources that will be useful to their work: 85%
-They gained new ideas that will be applied to their program and/or projects: 83%

Number of members who made at least 1 new connection (and up to 10+): 79%

Number of members who identified opportunities to collaborative with others: 66%


Many members also added written responses to questions. Below are some excerpts that stand out: 

“The Exchange has always done an excellent job of seeking and listening to feedback from its members – creating a true member-led and engaged community.”

“The Exchange is a great informational resource and sounding board with peers.”

“[The Exchange] has been an incredible resource for enhancing our GI program.”

“It has been extremely helpful to reach out to peer members that I met through the workgroups and get specific policy and project information.”

“The dialogues have been great!”

“I gained a lot of insight into what others are struggling with around GSI barriers and found it helpful to talk through with others.”

“Everyone is kind and inclusive, and Exchange staff ensure there is space for all to share.”


You can view the entire Annul Survey (Annual Meeting feedback also included) here for all of the questions, ratings, and comments. With questions, contact Kasey Armstrong at kasey@giexchange.org.



Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.