Rose Jordan of Greenprint Partners offered an overview of the recently-released State of Public Sector GSI Report during a plenary session at the 2023 Annual Meeting. Below are 3 takeaways from her presentation, followed by highlights of audience of feedback:

  • The most significant driver of GSI is regulation, followed by quality of life, aging infrastructure and flooding.
  • The most used levers for implementing a GSI program are those associated with people: Supportive elected, strong sr. champions, public outreach/ed., cross-pollination
  • Best practices for high-impact green infrastructure include: (1) Proper Maintenance; (2) Regular inspection; (3) Providing multiple benefits; (4) Prioritizing vegetative practices; (5) Centering community; (6) Assessing impact; (7) Directing projects to disadvantaged, socially vulnerable, and/or environmentally vulnerable communities. The majority prioritize most practices at least sometimes, however there is significant work needed to prioritize all of these practices as a new standard.


  • Asked how the results made them feel, most audience members responded positively:

  • Asked which results were most useful, most audience members cited the information on levers and on equitable implementation:

  • Asked how often the Exchange should invest in conducting the survey, most audience members replied every 2 or 3 years:


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