On April 29th at 3:00pm ET, the US Water Alliance will host a webinar on the topic of public support for water infrastructure and its implications for the future of our nation’s water and wastewater management. The webinar will feature a discussion with a pollster, a researcher, and a utility leader.  

The Value of Water Campaign polls American voters every year to gauge their views on the state of our nation’s water infrastructure and what they believe are potential remedies and improvements that should be prioritized. This poll has demonstrated time and again that public support for closing the federal water and wastewater investment gap remains high. In the US alone, it will take a $109-billion-per-year federal investment in water infrastructure over a span of 20 years to accomplish that goal. The result would be significant, with multiple benefits – including the creation of new jobs and increase in disposable income nationwide. 

The distinguished presenters in this webinar who’ll weigh in on the topic of public opinion at length are:

  • Allison Deines, Director of Policy and Strategy, Alexandria Renew Enterprises
  • Dave Metz, Partner and President, FM3 Research
  • Dr. Manuel Teodoro, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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