Over the past three years, the GI Exchange has developed a number of unique resources (including reports and guides) that help frame key aspects of green infrastructure (GI) planning and implementation, in an effort to help further green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) innovation and equitable implementation among our members and beyond.

Below are resources created by the GI Exchange during that time frame – both through our Collaborative Grant Program and through other efforts.

WIth question about these resources, feel free to reach out to Kasey Armstong at kasey@giexchange.org.


In 2017 the Exchange awarded three grants in Round 1 of our Grant program. $87,000 was awarded to fund the following projects:


GSI & Public Health: A National Guide

A project to further the Green Infrastructure and the Public Health Connection, which aims to: (1) define the connection between GSI and community public health priorities by developing common language and metrics and (2) strengthen the collaboration between water/wastewater/public utilities and public/community health/healthcare organizations.

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Recommendations for GSI Modeling and Monitoring (two guides)

A project to create shared recommendations, in both GSI Modeling and Monitoring, that can help jumpstart nascent GSI programs while also helping refine the direction of ongoing programs.

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Funding and Financing Resource Guide

A Deep Dive into green stormwater infrastructure funding and financing, held in November 2016, that outlines public and private options for grants, investments, partnerships, and taxing. Significant contributions come from Seth Brown of Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC, Craig Holland of NatureVest, John Germain, and Sanjiv Sinha of ECT. Funding was provided by Summit Foundation, Pisces Foundation, Surdna Foundation, and Kresge Foundation.

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In 2018 the Exchange awarded three grants in Round 2 of our Grant program. $87,000 was awarded to fund the following projects:


Workforce Development: Program Case Studies and Funding Scan

A project aimed at 1) better equipping public sector utilities to replicate successful models that leverage GSI investments to achieve local workforce goals; 2) identifying funders interested in supporting community programs focused on GSI workforce development; and 3) identifying recommended strategies utilities can implement to better leverage these opportunities based on the scan results.

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GSI & Schoolyards: Barriers & Solutions Report

A project to identify common challenges and solutions to implementing GSI on school grounds that emphasize learning and play opportunities. Identifying the existing design challenges, restrictions, and policies that create barriers to design and implementation of innovative green infrastructure projects on school property was a primary focus.

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Netherlands Study Tour

A project to capture the findings of an in-depth peer learning tour to facilitate key municipal decision makers’ acquisition of first-hand experience in GI policy making and project delivery from well-recognized global leaders in urban water management in The Netherlands. The study tour, conducted by the City of Seattle and the City of Vancouver, focused on integrated planning processes and climate change adaptation in GSI implementation projects, embedding equity as a recurring theme throughout the project. With the remaining budget, the cities also engaged in an additional peer learning exchange between the two, to continue the conversation around equity, climate change, and water systems.

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In 2019 the Exchange awarded two new grants in Round 3 of our Grant program. $100,000 was awarded to fund the following projects:


Equity Framework

The City of Tucson, AZ led an initiative to develop a Green Stormwater Infrastructure Equity Framework, to better identify a shared point of view for the network and its members around equity in the GSI field and to create an inventory of resources, tools and guidelines for implementing GSI equitably in practice. Two key equity insights reports were produced through this initiative. The development of this resource was extended into the 2020-2021 grant cycle with additional funding towards a second related equity-focused collaborative grant project.

View Equity Insights Report 1 and Equity Insights Report 2



Green Infrastructure Co-benefits Valuation Tool

The Green Infrastructure Co-benefits Valuation Tool is intended to provide a framework, methods, and values to support rapid screening-level analysis of the costs and benefits associated with a range of GI investments. It was developed by Earth Economics with guidance from GI Exchange members.

Below are links to the most current version of the valuation tool and related resources. One-on-one support is available from Earth Economics.

1. Fact sheet
2. Valuation Tool
3. User Guide

Contact paula@giexchange.org for more information.


Training Framework 2020

A compilation of trainings, certification programs, educational opportunities, and other related resources, available primarily digitally, that GSI professionals could take advantage of to hone technical skills in successfully planning, designing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring GSI projects and systems, as well as build out their leadership skill set in order to transform the mindset around GI within their agencies and communities.

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Our heartfelt gratitude to our funders for their support of our mission, which makes our work possible.