At a plenary session of the 2023 Annual Meeting, Rose Jordan of Greenprint Partners presented a draft scope of work for a GSI Playbook. Below are 3 takeaways and the highlights of audience feedback on the proposal:

  • Member focus groups organized by Greenprint revealed that (1) 30% are currently learning about GSI through “trial and error” and that there is dearth of material available to practitioners on “lessons learned; (2) Characteristics of a successful playbook include:
    • Having simple entry points
    • Providing a clear visual roadmap
    • Being user-driven
    • Having navigable (e.g., filterable) resources
    • Featuring content brought to life (e.g., 5-min. videos)
  • The tasks involved in developing a playbook include:
    • Task 1: Define ‘Playbook’: an Organizing Framework for GI principles, best practices, and case examples.
    • Task 2: Organize GI Framework, such as that shown in the image, above.
    • Task 3: Developing Nutshell Summaries, including (a) topic summary; (b) core principles and best practices; (c) success checklist
    • Task 4 (future): Update GI Library
    • Task 5 (future): List members who are “peers” and “mentors” by topic
  • It is envisioned that the framework could be developed and nutshell summaries completed for the Equity topic and one other framework topic in year 1. Members would drive decisions around finalizing the organization of the framework and the order in which topics would be addressed.


  • Asked about the risks of not developing a framework of practice, many audience members responded “missed opportunities:”

  • Asked which elements of the scope were important priorities, the audience ranked providing best practices and case examples highest:

  • Asked to which tasks within the scope they would like to contribute, the audience ranked editing best practices and serving as a peer mentor highest:


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