1. Background

In a 2021 strategic planning meeting, Exchange members cited communications as an internal weakness. In response to this finding, Rogue Water, a communications consultant, was hired to conduct a communications audit in 2022. Among many other conclusions, it found that, in a very crowded field of water organizations vying for attention, the Exchange’s logo did not help to differentiate the organization from competitors. The firm then worked to design a new logo. Following consideration of alternatives and discussion with members, Exchange leaders approved the new logo in the summer of 2023.

  1. What Does It Represent?

The Exchange is the only social innovation network and community of practice focused solely on helping stormwater management organizations across North America bring the equitable implementation of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) to scale. At the Exchange, innovation happens primarily through member involvement in monthly peer learning circles. The new logo attempts to convey this, with a set of overlapping circles arranged around a spiral, an ancient and powerful symbol of evolution and growth.

  1. Learn More About Peer Learning

You can learn more about the Exchange’s Peer Learning Circles here. Exchange Education Manager, Dr. Veronica Hotton, writes a monthly blog article on what the circles are learning, which is available in our e-newsletter and on the News Page of our website.



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